Surrender of Earned Leave Rules in AP Telangana

Surrender of Earned Leave Rules in AP Telangana

Surrender of Earned Leave Rules in AP Telangana  Encashment of Earned Leave Surrender Leave application letter for state government employees and teachers  Surrender of Earned leave on retirement earned leave rules surrender leave encashment g.o. telangana Surrender leave rules in telugu How to surrender Earned Leave with cash

Surrender of Earned Leave Details

The Government has introduced the scheme  scheme of Encashment of Earned Leave to all the Govt. servants (both Gazetted and Non-Gazetted) was introduced vide G.O.Ms.No.238, Fin.(FR.I) Dept., Dt.13.08.1969 & Govt Circular Memo 52729 Finance Dt 11.10.1969.

Govt. employees are permitted to surrender leave at any time not exceeding 15/30 days within a block period of one/two calendar years respectively with effect from 01.01.77 (G.O.Ms.No.334, Fin.(FR.I) Dept., Dt.28.09.77)

Sanctioning Authority for Surrender Leave

Leave sanctioning authority is empowered to sanction  surrender of Earned Leave as per (Para (ii) of G.O MS No 238 Finance (FRI) Dept, Dated 13.08.1969

Surrender of Earned Leave Rules in AP Telangana

From When Surrender Leave Sanction :

Surrender Leave can be sanction from the date of application given by the employee as per Govt Memo No 47064/1164/FRI/74-1-F & P Dated 25.09.1974


Surrender Leave for Permanent Employees

  • Surrendered Earned Leaves 15 days for 12 months gap
  • Surrendered Earned Leaves 30 days for 24 months gap based on the balance available
  • Govt. permits the employees who have a balance of more than 285 days of EL as on 30th June, 2009 to surrender EL without waiting for completion of 12 months.
  • In the case of employees who surrender earned leave as on 1st January or 1st July in any year, the number of days of EL so surrendered should, in the first instance, be deducted from the EL account and thereafter the advance credit of EL as per
    eligibility due for that half year be added as on 1st January / 1st July. (Memo No.50798/1063/FR.I/79-1, Fin.(FR.I) Dept., Dt.22.11.1979)
  • The Following Certificate has to be appended ot the sanction order (Govt Memo No. 106286/I893/FR1/77-1, Fin & Plg, 3/30-5-78

”  Certified that the surrender of leave now permitted for the block period of one or two calender years has not been sanctioned and availed by the Government servant earlier “

Surrender Leave for Temporary Govt. servants

Temporary Govt. servants appointed under Rule 10(a)(i) of the State and Subordinate Service Rules will also be eligible to surrender 15 days of EL when the earned leave at their credit is 30 days as on the date of surrender of leave, once at an interval of 24 months.  (G.O.Ms.No.221, Fin.&Plg.  (FW.FR.I) Dept., Dt.23.08.74)

Surrender Leaves Entries in the Service Book

The Surrender leave sanctioning Orders with date should be enter in respective Service Book in the leave account with red pen.

Grant of HRA, Addl. HRA, OCA during Surrender Leave

  • The payment of HRA and Other Compensatory Allowances are admissible during the period of Surrender Leave as per Govt Cir Memo. No. 64861/797/-FRI/711, Fin Dept., Dated 14.07.1972)
  • The Payment of House Rent Allowance at the rates admissible shall be allowed to Govt Employees who are residing in  who are residing in Govt. Quarters, Earmarked Quarters and  Rent Free Quarters free accommodation when they are permitted to surrender Earned Leave while in service and also during encashment of leave at the time of retirement / deathwhile in service. (G.O.Ms.No.337, Fin. & Plg. (FW.PC.II) Dept., Dt.29.09.94)
  • Additional House Rent Allowance besides HRA admissible shall also be allowed to the State Govt. employees who are residing in Govt. quarters provided under rent free accommodation when they are permitted to surrender Earned Leave while in service and also during encashment of leave at the time of retirement / death while in service with effect from 01.09.94. (G.O.Ms.No.25, Fin. & Plg. (FW.PC.IV) Dept., Dt.05.02.96)

Interim Relief during Surrender Leave

The Interim Relief is not termed as pay or wage or allowance. As such it does not count for encashment of leave including encashment of earned leave (surrender leave during the service. (Memo No.31948/398/PC.I/98-1, Fin.&Plg. Dept., Dt.12.08.98).

Grace Period to claim Surrender Leave Bill

  • The validity for sanction of surrender leave is 90 days from the date of order. If the bill is not preferred within 90 days; the sanction order should be deemed to have been lapsed vide Memo No.27/423/A2/FR.I/97-1, Fin. & Plg. (FW.FR.I) Dept., Dt.18.08.97

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